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What’s an assistant coach worth?

October 23, 2008

Sometimes, we need to challenge absurd quotes. Sometimes, though, we just need to throw them out there for the reader to assess – especially when the comments, or logic, are ridiculous. That’s what USA Today’s Steve Weinberg and others did this morning in reporting that a Kansas State associate basketball coach would now earn $420,000 per season. That’s $80,000 per year more than university president Jon Wefald. Dalonte Hill is in his third year at K-State. Head coaches, of course, make much more money. Some critics say these salaries are absurdly high – such as the $4 million paid to Alabama football coach Nick Saban and the $3 million paid to Kansas basketball coach Bill Self. But that’s another argument. The absurdity here is how K-State athletic director Bob Krause defends Hill’s salary: “Yeah, it’s important to recruit. But his compensation (was for) responsibilities that include game preparation, recruitment, bench coaching, scouting. It kind of does him a disservice.” This comment probably prompts readers to think about the injustice of it all, that a third-year assistant coach can earn more than the person charged with running an entire university (and athletic program). That’s an idea that’s a disservice to us all.