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CBSsportsline should delete the sexy ads

December 7, 2008


So I’m sitting here in my office grading papers – but trying also to keep tabs on the New York Giants, who are playing the Philadelphia Eagles. A win clinches the NFC East for the Football Giants. First, I go to, whose play by play does not automatically generate. Since I do not want to keep hitting refresh, I head to cbssportsline, where I am greeted with an ad of a woman trying to pose seductively – head back on a pillow, hair mussed just enough to say she’s been busy, a green skirt just long enough to cover the upper thighs, full lips parted (and wanting to say ‘come, hither’), and brown eyes imploring me to click on the icon. (more…)


Sex still drives sports entertainment

October 11, 2008

Imagine (but not too hard since you may forget all else) half-naked models running on a manicured grassy field, smacking their voluptuous bodies into one another – legs splayed, exposed, tight bellies breathing heavily above tiny bicycle briefs while another player adjusts her sports bra, (slightly) worried she may be exposing more than Janet Jackson ever dreamed.