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Jenkins nails Tiger in parody

November 30, 2009

Sally Jenkins, Washington Post columnist

Tiger Woods’ statement about last weekend’s auto accident yields more questions than answers.  The ever-reclusive Woods, though, refuses to speak with state police investigators.

Fortunately, Sally Jenkins, the Washington Post’s talented sports columnist, offers Tiger’s ‘side’ of a story that is growing more bizarre by the minute. (Somebody who knows public relations, please, please speak to Tiger before he completely destroys his public image.)



Summitt’s feat: un-friggin-believable

February 2, 2009

The Knoxville News offers a terrific package on Pat Summitt's pending 1,000th career basketball victory that includes stats, a slide show, and terrific features.
The Knoxville News offered this terrific multimedia package on Pat Summitt when she became the all-time winningest college basketball coach.

Tennessee coach Pat Summitt is about to reach an incredible coaching plateau – 1,000 career victories. Twenty wins a season is a great season for most coaches, and 25 is terrific. Multiply 28 wins by 35 seasons and you get a sense of Summitt’s monumental feat. (more…)