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E-mail sports news daily

November 10, 2009

The Washington Post does a terrific job offering sports updates through the day. And they also understand when most fans check for sports news – morning and during lunch. So the Post offers an additional helping of sports news around noon each day. SceneDaily also offers daily updates that are emailed to readers (usually in the late afternoon.)

What are you doing? Remember – every college newspaper should now be a daily regardless how frequently the print edition publishes. Send out daily updates, create blogs and update the Web site for sports news as you gather it.



Models for online sports coverage

September 4, 2009
The Columbus Dispatch covers Ohio State like no other online.

The Columbus Dispatch covers Ohio State, a package that should be a model for all team coverage – at any level.

Some more online sports coverage ideas.

Create a preview game package online. That’s what the Columbus Dispatch does for the Ohio State football team, something that should be a model for all sports departments. This package includes a cover story, profiles on players from each team, five keys to winning, rosters, schedules, updated weather reports – and much, much more. Readers dig in as much they would like. (more…)