Posts Tagged ‘Journalism jobs’ seeks interns for summer ’10

November 11, 2009 is once again seeking interns to work this summer, a terrific opportunity for either undergrad or grad students. Deadline is Dec. 11, 2009.

According to MLB: “Applicants should submit a resume, 5 to 10 published articles, a list of references and a 750-word essay on why should select you? Your clips ideally will show a variety of work, including game stories, previews and features.”

Good luck.



Check out new sportswriting resources

August 27, 2008

Need to find a information on UCLA’s tennis team? Need to find the roster for Florida State’s football team? When is Alabama’s state football championship game scheduled? I’ve added resources to this blog that enable sportswriters to research every single NCAA Division 1 sports conference and all 50 state high school sports associations. You can check out several Division 2 college conferences as well. These resources can be used by going down the right side of this blog under the headings College Sports Conferences and High School Sports Associations. In addition, check the Journalism Job section that includes regularly updated positions. Hope these additional resources help. I will continue to add new resources to this site through the school year, but feel free to make additional suggestions by emailing me at Happy reporting.

Yet another reason to learn online skills

August 26, 2008

Newspapers across the country are moving rapidly to online production, as you probably already know. Some newspapers, like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, have imploded the traditional news structure, eliminating news and sports departments in favor of departments like ‘news and information’ and ‘enterprise,’ according to Sporting News EIC Jeff D’Alessio. The AJC is not the only newspaper re-organizing its news rooms. (Still think the Internet is a fad?) Newspapers are actively seeking reporters with new media skills.

Every college newspaper (and yearbook) should develop a sports blog that addresses individual sports or sports in general on campus. Reporters should post info daily regardless of the print publication schedule. Post all breaking news online. These sports blogs should include photos, breaking news, practice notes, and, sometimes, a short feature or profile. And make sure you include internal links within each item, something that enables readers to dig deeper into issues and news. This additional research will also make you a more informed reporter.

If your news publication does not create a sports blog, develop your own as some college students, like an enterprising reporter at Davidson did for basketball. First, you must learn basic journalism skills, but apply them online as well. Frankly, this is no longer an option.