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Newspapers expand sports coverage beyond games

September 2, 2009
The Indianapolis Star compiled a terrific database for Hoosiers basketball.

The Indianapolis Star compiled a terrific database that offers stats and results from every Indiana University basketball game.

Here is the first in a series of glimpses at how newspapers are expanding sports coverage through new media.

Create a database. The Indianapolis Star compiled every result and stat from every game Indiana University has ever played, something that includes the Hoosiers’ overall record against every team played. You can compile this for any team or sport.

Host live chats with coaches and players where readers can pose questions or follow along. Afterward, post the transcripts of these chats, as the Dallas Morning News does.

Post headlines from stories and blog entries on Twitter, along with a link, to attract more readers. But tweet regularly about breaking news on a regular basis or readers won’t sign up.

Create a guide to something sports related in your area, such as football stadiums, basketball gymnasiums, fishing areas or golf courses. The Boston Globe assembled a guide to the Red Sox’s minor league ballparks, a guide that blends photo, lists and extended cutlines. You might even add audio with each photos – comments from a peanut vendor or a PA announcer, perhaps.


Dallas newspapers to split sports coverage

January 13, 2009

The economy is hitting newspapers as hard as anyone. Some papers have cut staff, others are drastically reducing coverage. In northern Texas, the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star-Telegraph will soon split their coverage of NBA, NHL, and MLB teams. The Dallas Morning News will provide the Fort Worth Star-Telegram with its coverage of the Mavericks and the Stars. In return, the Star-Telegraph will share its coverage of the Texas Rangers. In football crazy Texas, though, neither team will stop covering the Cowboys.

This may be the beginning of creative changes in sports coverage. These newspapers, though, did not change their prep coverage, a beat that is growing in importance at both large and small newspapers. Independent Web sites lack the resources to cover the beat as strongly as local sports departments (so far).

We’ll see how other newspapers deal with diminishing print advertising revenue and fewer readers of their print publications. (Although online readership has grown.) Local sports coverage is one area where newspapers can develop a monopoly. When newspapers start sharing prep sports coverage, start to really worry.