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Life and death in a small Fla. town

September 13, 2009
The Michigan Daily's Andy Reid traveled to Pahokee, Fla., to learn more about the challenges several Wolverine players faced while growing up. Photo/Max Collins Design/Lan Truong

The Michigan Daily's Andy Reid traveled to Pahokee, Fla., to learn more about the challenges several Wolverine players faced while growing up. Photo/Max Collins Design/Lan Truong

Football saves lives in the impoverished town of Pahokee, Fla., which is much farther away from ritzy Palm Beach than a map would show. A town in the midst of sugar cane fields and marshes, Pahokee is also a place that takes lives at an early age. Gangs recruit kids, called ‘jitterbugs,’ to transfer weapons and money around town. As one kids says: “There’s nothing to do here. It’s easy to get into smoking weed, robbing, they even started killing around here.” Yet, it’s also a town that dominates state football, winning five championships over the past six years.


Don’t get burned by tweets, Facebook

September 1, 2009

Okay, so you had a few beers last night after writing a story. Maybe a few too many. Afterward, you stumble back to the dorm, sit at the computer and start posting a note on Facebook, outlining your F*!$’d up night. Your status is even “I’m wasted.”

Or, you are angry with a grade in a class from a professor you thought was terribly unfair. Grading for grammar and checking sources? Bull*&#@! (more…)

SEC still won’t allow video

September 1, 2009

The Southeastern Conference has revised its media policy, allowing for more blogging and for newspapers to sell photos from games – but forget about video of the games, something that must come from the SEC’s official Web site. The Student Press Law Center writes more about these changes.


College sports journalists will share their experiences

August 24, 2009

Elizabeth Johnson/Murray State

Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson, a sophomore journalism major at Murray State, will discuss her challenges as a sports editor for her college newspaper, the Murray State News, this semester.

Elizabeth is one of several college sports journalists sharing their experiences working the beats this fall and winter. Two other sports journalists will be announced later this week.

Elizabeth has already covered several sports beats, including football, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, golf and tennis.

This blog, as many of you know, is most active during the college academic year when sports editors and reporters have the most questions. This fall I will offer a weekly review of the best in college sports journalism, along with more tips and suggestions. But also check in for additional suggestions from college sports journalists working the beats, like Elizabeth.

Welcome back.

Great chance to cover a major event

March 6, 2009

Here’s a terrific opportunity to cover a major sports event. I’ve had students attend these in the past. They learned a great deal and made some good contacts as well. Check it out.

Here’s the release.

You have the opportunity to spend a weekend with some of the best sports journalists in the business. The United States Basketball Writers Association will host its third annual Women’s Final Four Seminar on April 3-7 in St. Louis and once again award a $1,000 scholarship to one of the Seminar’s participants. (more…)

Tiny town. Big dreams. Great story.

February 25, 2009

Check out this terrific story from ESPN’s Pat Forde about a tiny Kentucky school trying to win the state title, a la “Hoosiers.” And these small-town players appear to have a big-time chance to pull it off. More importantly, Forde pulls off a terrific story that includes a terrific narrative, great observations and solid reporting – a piece that can serve as a model for any aspiring sports journalist. Check it out.


Develop voice by describing more

February 12, 2009

Nice story by Jesse Baumgartner on North Carolina’s victory over Duke last night in the Daily Tar Heel. Solid writing. But a comment or two from the opposing team elevates stories like this. Still, good job. … David Ely’s game story chronicles North Carolina’s fourth straight victory in Durham. Pretty amazing. (more…)

College papers blog recruiting

February 4, 2009

How’s your school doing on the recruiting front this fine National Signing Day (otherwise called Christmas by football coaches and Several colleges are blogging news through the day. Few news items attract more readers than recruiting. A few years ago, a sports editor for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution said a single sentence on someone signing with, say, Georgia Tech, could generate more than 10,000 hits within an hour. So post the news as you get it. Then, compile these items into a nice overall package for tomorrow’s print editions. No print tomorrow? Then, file your roundup story online.


Great opportunity for female sports journalists

October 8, 2008

Just received information on this terrific sportswriting opportunity.

The Association for Women in Sports Media awards scholarships and paid summer internships to female college students pursuing careers in sports writing, editing, broadcasting, Web production and public relations. All interns receive a $1,000 scholarship, plus $300 toward travel expenses to the annual AWSM convention, waived convention fees and free lodging at the host hotel. Copy editing interns receive an additional $1,000 scholarship from the Associated Press Sports Editors. Organizations that have hosted interns in the past include Sports Illustrated, ESPN, USA Track & Field, and the St. Petersburg Times. Applications must be submitted via the online application system by Oct. 31. Any questions? Please, send an e-mail to

MLB seeks interns for summer ’09

September 23, 2008

Here is the press release for MLB’s summer internship program. It’s a terrific opportunity to learn on the job. Good luck.

Begin release

Want an exciting summer of covering Major League or Minor League Baseball? offers 33 reporting internships to aspiring sportswriters. These internships are designed to give associates the full range of experiences that comes with covering a professional team. Each associate will work closely with a site reporter to give visitors to a team’s Web site all the information they need to follow the team from Opening Day to season’s end. Each Major League city will have one associate, and, which manages the Web site for MiLB, will offer three internships for the Minor Leagues.

We will be looking for talented college juniors and seniors, as well as graduate students, for our 2009 Summer Internship Program. The application deadline for all internships is Nov. 30. We will make our selections by the end of January.

We expect each intern to spend a minimum of 10 weeks in the program, dates determined by a person’s college schedule. Also, the more flexible an applicant is in terms of which Major League city he or she can work in, the better the person’s chances of being selected. Interns are paid $500 per week.

Applicants should submit a resume, five to 10 published articles (no columns should be included), a list of references and a 750-word essay on why should pick you? Please use the essay as a way of showing your creativity as a writer; in short, it should be more than a simple cover letter. also will be offering a limited number of internships for copy editors/producers.

Associates are responsible for arranging their own housing and transportation.

Please mail all internship applications to:

Bill Hill
Assistant Managing Editor/
Attn: Internship Application
14825 N. 97th Place
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

If you have any questions, contact Bill Hill at and put the words “Internship Info” in the subject line.