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Lacrosse continues to grow

October 24, 2008

Lacrosse, historically a sport played more in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, continues to expand. Last night, lacrosse was sanctioned as a high school sport for both boys and girls in South Carolina, the 19th state to do so. North Carolina may soon follow suit, showing the growing popularity of the sport. Roughly 60 mens and 90 womens teams already compete at the NCAA Division I level. In South Carolina, lacrosse will be played from January to April. I recall the meteoric growth of this sport while living in Central Florida. Brian Logue, director of communications for US Lacrosse, says lacrosse’s popularity continues to soar in Florida, Texas and Colorado. You may want to learn more about lacrosse because, odds are, you may be covering it sometime in the future. As with any sport, do not attempt to get too technical in your coverage, mostly because your readers may not know the esoteric terms either. I’d speak with a coach before heading out to cover a game for an informal lesson on how lacrosse is played. That’s good advice for any sport you have never played, really.