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Get sports advice on Facebook, Twitter

June 18, 2010

Check out Twitter for updates on sports media, sports news and advice on sports reporting. Remember to also check out, the new home for OnSports.


We’ve moved!

January 1, 2010

The new website for the OnSports journalism blog.

OnSports, which was a blog for three years, has moved to

This site will continue to house archives, but, starting next week, all future posts will be at


‘Field Guide’ offers advice from 70 sports journalists

December 28, 2009

More than 70 sports reporters, bloggers, and editors, along with 20 coaches, contributed to the Field Guide.

Here’s the cover to the Field Guide To Covering Sports, a sports reporting book that will be published by CQ Press the first week in February. More than 70 sports journalists and 20 coaches contributed to the Field Guide. This book focuses on ways to prepare, observe, interview and write about 20 different sports – everything from auto racing to field hockey to rowing to wrestling. Besides these chapters, the book also offers chapters on writing game stories, writing sports features, covering high school sports, writing blogs, interviewing, and covering fantasy sports, among others.  Will Leitch wrote the foreward. I’ll post a Table of Contents in the next few weeks as the final pages are sent my way.


Jenkins nails Tiger in parody

November 30, 2009

Sally Jenkins, Washington Post columnist

Tiger Woods’ statement about last weekend’s auto accident yields more questions than answers.  The ever-reclusive Woods, though, refuses to speak with state police investigators.

Fortunately, Sally Jenkins, the Washington Post’s talented sports columnist, offers Tiger’s ‘side’ of a story that is growing more bizarre by the minute. (Somebody who knows public relations, please, please speak to Tiger before he completely destroys his public image.)


Tips for teaching sports writing

October 21, 2009

Teaching a sports journalism class next semester? Here are a few things to consider.

1. Create a class blog where students must post stories with links, photos (and audio/video whenever possible.) You can use either Word Press or Blogger, but several more sites, such as Weebly, have popped up as well. I’m also creating a Facebook page and asking students to Tweet on their respective teams.


Sports scholarship opportunity

October 9, 2009

Just received info on this great opportunity. Here’s the press release.

The application process for the 2010 Association of Women in Sports Media Internship/Scholarship program is officially open. The deadline to apply is October 31. Full-time female students currently enrolled in college are eligible to apply for the internships. Applicants do not need to be members of AWSM to apply.

Since 1990, AWSM has placed about 100 female college students interested in sports media careers in paid internships with employers such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, USA Track & Field and some of the country’s most respected daily newspapers. Internships are offered in print, online, media relations as well as broadcast.

Applications can only be submitted through the AWSM website. Visit for more information about the program, or go directly to to apply.


Manage your time well and cover high school sports

October 6, 2009

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything for this site. We journalists do get busy sometimes. Especially for students when those two or three weeks of the semester come around where everything collides together and you find yourself wasting time just trying to work out a schedule. I was there last week. Exams, stories and assignments become due within 48 hours of each other. And you still have to deal with the daily responsibilities that come with living on your own.

That’s why I want to stress the importance of time management. For a normal student, it’s a little easier working out a study schedule. But you’re a journalism student, which means you have to create a study schedule and use your free time working on stories and getting published. This gets trickier when you have to manage your time around the schedules of your sources. Don’t set a specific time for anything , unless it is something like an interview appointment. Just tell yourself, ‘I need to get this done before this time.’ A great way to do this is by using a daily checklist. Be careful not overload yourself though and give everything on your list a priority rating (high or low). (more…)

Another sports media resource

September 15, 2009
IU's National Sports Journalism Center site offers columns from several top journalists.

IU's National Sports Journalism Center site offers columns from several top journalists, along with breaking news and links to other resources.

Indiana University just launched a Web site dedicated to sports media, one of many sites that have started to pop up across the country during the last several years. Think sports journalism is still the toy department? You’ll find programs and minors at dozens of universities across the country – with many more to come. Sports (and its subsequent coverage) reflects who we are in many ways, yielding research in sociology, psychology, economics, business, and mass communications. Anyway, check out the site for IU’s National Sports Journalism Center and see for yourself.


Great Article from the Alligator today

September 11, 2009

With the help of Google Reader and RSS subscriptions, I probably skim upwards of 50 stories, including topics that are non-sports related, per day. So when I read a feature article from first line to last, it usually means that the story was very good. Such is the case with the Alligator’s weekly Friday feature story on the Florida football team. The writer, Kyle Maistri, who I met last year in a sports reporting class, demonstrates a well-written story with a good lead hook, balance, excellent quotes from multiple sources, great insight of what’s it’s like to compete for a starting position at one of the nation’s most prominent football programs, and a perfect kicker. It’s probably the best story I’ve read from the Alligator this year.

Sports journalism lacks diversity

September 2, 2009

The number of minorities who run sports organizations is miniscule. The number of minorities who cover sports is also much lower than you’d imagine. You may want to drive over to Indianapolis to check out this workshop on the topic that features several veteran sports journalists – William C. Rhoden, Stephen A. Smith, and Garry D. Howard, among them. If you cannot attend, you can watch the symposium on the Big Ten Network.