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Make the most of your four years

August 26, 2009

I wish I had a time machine so I could do it all over again. Entering my senior year at the University of Florida, I know I’m a little behind the curve and I have ground to make up. I can think of many things I should have done earlier in my college career, but didn’t. So I’m going to share some of those things with you. This will be my blueprint to college success aimed at incoming freshmen who are thinking of being journalism majors. If you are such a freshman then you should be well prepared to find a job after school by following these guidelines.

First Publication Complete!

August 24, 2009

As you all know, I’m Elizabeth Johnson, Sports Editor for The Murray State News. Our first publication went out on Friday, and believe me, it was stressful. But honestly, there’s nothing better than seeing your hard work in the hands of your reading audience.

At Murray State, we are implementing a new system in which each section has a designer and editor. This is taking a lot of adapting from last year where the editors did their own layout. In a way, it’s nice, but it’s still a work in progress. Unfortunately, with delay of our ads department, I pulled my first of many all-nighters this academic year.

But for the most part, the first issue couldn’t have gone any better. It’s so amazing to me how things can fall into place. I started the year with two other writers and myself. Now, I have two contributing writers which means I’m not writing half the section.

We’ll see how this next week goes. It’s been hard brainstorming story ideas, but unavoidable since none of our seasons have gotten underway. This week, the sports section will include feature stories, which can be fun, but can be difficult when writers are so used to a clean cut-and-dry recap and preview each week. Things are coming together though, and in time certain things will become easier and others harder. But there’s nothing I’d rather be doing that covering our athletic programs.

Feel free to check out our online edition of The Murray State News at

College papers blog recruiting

February 4, 2009

How’s your school doing on the recruiting front this fine National Signing Day (otherwise called Christmas by football coaches and Several colleges are blogging news through the day. Few news items attract more readers than recruiting. A few years ago, a sports editor for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution said a single sentence on someone signing with, say, Georgia Tech, could generate more than 10,000 hits within an hour. So post the news as you get it. Then, compile these items into a nice overall package for tomorrow’s print editions. No print tomorrow? Then, file your roundup story online.


Break sports news on Facebook

February 3, 2009

Finding, or breaking, news is only part of the equation in sports journalism any more. You also need to attract readers, building traffic through posts on other blogs, Web sites and social networks. That’s what the Daily Nebraskan did yesterday. When a sports reporter reported that a top-ranked linebacker had committed to Nebraska, editors sent the story to a Web site widely read by Cornhusker football fans. As a result, the online publication received about 10 times more hits for this news than it does for its top story of the day. A copy editor for the college newspaper offers some useful tips for promoting stories online. (more…)