Put final score in all stories


Nice lead on Florida’s 23-20 football win over Arkansas by the Independent Alligator. But the final score is not included.

Here are some excuses I’ve heard for leaving it out. But it’s in the mainbar, main graphic, cutline – and, everybody knows the score! That’s ridiculous. Not every reader knows the final result. Online, readers don’t see these print visuals. So insert final scores in every story.

Here are some other stories on the game.

GAINESVILLE — His eyes were shut tight. His hand was clutching his teammate. Inside, Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow was praying. Outside, he was too scared to watch. Tebow probably wasn’t alone.

Florida avoids a trap game on Home Coming against a rapidly improving Arkansas football team. Trap games are like magic where several things usually crop up to change the flow of the game.

Tim Tebow directed a 69-yard drive in the final minutes, setting up Caleb Sturgis’s 27-yard field goal with nine seconds remaining that gave top-ranked Florida a 23-20 win over Arkansas yesterday in Gainesville, Fla.

A majority of callers that flooded local radio sports talk shows late Saturday night were not thrilled with their top-ranked Florida Gators. Most complaints focused on the offense. Agitated fans moaned about turnovers, predictable play-calling and porous blocking along the line.


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