The Southeastern Conference’s folly


Used to be that sports leagues and franchises sought as much publicity as possible, sometimes even begging media to cover anything. Leagues like major league soccer, arena football (R.I.P.), and National Pro Fastpitch softball would love the Southeastern Conference’s ‘problem.’

Yet, now the larger leagues, such as the SEC and the NFL, are trying to limit coverage. Does the word ‘ubiquity’ mean anything to these folks? How about ‘stupidity‘? “Idiotic?” “Clueless?”These leagues should be reveling in the exposure to their football programs, not finding ways to limit coverage. They should be excited that people want to take audio, blog, shoot video, tweet, write, talk – hell, do anything in relation to their league.

Hey, Mike Slive: Relax, Mr. Commish. Why start a fight with those who only seek to cover (and promote) the Southeastern Conference – and for friggin’ free. This is a GOOD thing, not something to worry about like making payroll or covering up a recruiting violation. Sheesh.

I guess now this frees up reporters who ordinarily would be walking around practice fields and press boxes to start heading over to the library to review public documents and to talk with boosters and administrators so they can scrutinize budgets, NCAA compliance forms, and then, perhaps, to talk with academic counselors and opposing coaches. Yeah, that’s a smarter move for the SEC (or any other league.)


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