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Learn new media skills ASAP

June 24, 2009

Storytelling and reporting are still the heart of sports journalism. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn other skills as well. As I’ve mentioned before, all sports journalists should start a blog to learn new media skills. Shoot, edit and post both video and audio. You might even sign up for Facebook and Twitter. (more…)

Composite bats should be banned, face masks for fielders required

June 22, 2009

OK, so when is someone going to finally step up and admit that using composite bats is a mistake?

When someone dies? That will happen soon, believe me. Especially if coaches don’t force players to wear face masks, which players dismiss as uncool even though they can save their lives.You’ll find travel softball players using these masks at summer tournaments, although mostly at the younger age levels.

Two weeks ago in Mattoon, I watched a batter drill a line drive right off the face of a third baseman in a U-14 game. The ball was hit so hard it popped about 20 feet in the air before being caught by the shortstop. (more…)

Does Twitter have legs?

June 4, 2009

I’d start this post by saying I’m not really atwitter about the social network called, well, Twitter, but I didn’t want to scare everybody off with that lame joke.

Instead, here’s a much funnier joke:

A guy is in the hospital with two broken legs. The nurse comes in and tells him that there’s good news and bad news.

The guy asks for the bad news first.

The nurse says, “We’re going to have to remove your legs.” (more…)

Focus on less obvious plays

June 3, 2009

To cover any sport, you need to understand its subtleties. Any schmuck knows that a pinch-hit grand slam is a big play, as is a last-second 3-pointer, or an 80-yard touchdown pass. But what led to these decisive plays? Did the batter fight off several good pitches before drilling the homer? Did someone set a great pick to allow the 3-pointer? And did the fullback fill in a hole to block a linebacker and allow the pass to be thrown? (more…)

Posnanski & James = terrific reading

June 3, 2009

Joe Posnanski, one of the best baseball writers in the country, has teamed with Bill James, the baseball stat guru, to write a regular column on Reads sort of like a he said/she said – but with far more interesting anecdotes, analysis and insights (and none of the sophomoric humor). This week, they focus on hyped baseball prospects like Matt Wieters (re: the next Babe Ruth.) Check it out.


Investigate your athletic dept.

June 1, 2009

I’m getting ready to revamp this blog site, but, in the meantime, everybody needs to read this terrific story on secrecy among college athletic programs. And all should start their own investigation into athletics on their own campuses.