Apply for sports scholarship


Here’s information about a terrific sports scholarship.

The Associated Press Sports Editors are sponsoring four $1,500 scholarship for collegiate sports journalists. APSE, a national organization of sports editors, is awarding four scholarships to help motivate talented students to pursue a career in sports journalism. Collegiate sports journalists entering their sophomore, junior or senior years are eligible for the scholarship which will awarded based on the students’ journalistic work, their academic record, financial need, and geography.

The scholarships will be awarded to students from four different regions of the United States. The winners will be chosen by the APSE scholarship committee, which is chaired by Joe Sullivan, sports editor of the Boston Globe and includes editors from all sections of the United States.

Please have them include the following information in their letter of application: –

Personal: Name, address, age, phone number. –

Academic: A copy of the student’s collegiate grades.

Financial: A brief rundown of the student’s financial situation, with regards to how he/she plans to pay for tuition and copies of any pertinent records including the copies of the FAFSA form EFC and family’s income tax return.

Letters of recommendation: One or more from teachers/employers.

Five examples of sports journalism (usually stories but could also be sections the student has edited). – Finalists may be contacted for an interview .

Mail information to

APSE Scholarship

c/o Joe Sullivan, Sports Editor

Boston Globe

135 Morrissey Blvd.

Boston, MA 02205-2845

Deadline for applications is June 1.

For more information contact Joe Sullivan at the Boston Globe 617-929-2845,



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