‘Virtual’ sports coverage? Freaky


I’m both freaked out and mesmerized by this possible future for sports events offered by ‘Humpy’ Wheeler, former president of Speedway Motorsports, Inc.

Cars will weigh 2,000 pounds or less — not much heavier than Indy cars today — and NASCAR rules will hold the speeds below 300 mph, not the 200 mph barrier of today.

Points will be counted in dollars and tallied not just lap by lap but according to activity within each lap and will be registered instantaneously on a giant scoreboard.

There’ll be two winners of each running of the 500, yet neither might be the driver who accrues the most points (dollars) from the race.

Not sure how this would impact sports writing, but you can bet that journalists will adapt somehow. Perhaps, writers will get retina scans so they can sit beside drivers during races, better able to describe the bumps, passes, and crashes for fans. Perhaps, writers will even interview drivers during the race – or, better yet, find a way to scan drivers’ brains, even during tight turns. With this technology, journalists might also be able to virtually walk through the garages and along pit row during the race. Pretty cool (and freaky) stuff. Check out Ed Hinton’s column.


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