MLB jobs, internships still available


picture-10Is hiring as many sports reporters, stats stringers, and pitch f/x operators as suggests? Just received an email indicating this is so, along with a note warning that this could be my last chance to prove I can make it in the big leagues. Actually, that happened in 1983 when I had difficulty hitting the 90 mph sliders in a Florida semipro league. (Perhaps, MLB is really implying I can cover major-league games.) Since I have a job, I will pass this info along to you, hoping you can hit a home run with your application, knocking it out of the park in your interview to score a job. (Yeah, I know. Cut it out.) Here’s the link for the jobs advertised. The requirements posted for each team are the same:

MLB. ​com, the Official Site of Major League Baseball, is seeking freelance and/​or full-time columnists and reporters to help cover Major League Baseball.​ We’re interested in candidates with solid reporting skills and a strong voice who are as well versed in writing about the sport off the field as they are about the games themselves.

Responsibilities include:

Column writing from live games across the country, as well as the news of the day off the field.

Non-column writing that helps feed the beast that is a 24-by-7 deadline cycle.

Factual reporting; intelligent writing.

Nuanced analysis and insightful commentary.

Professional representation of our company inside and outside our walls.

Multimedia experience a plus.

Qualifications include:

Four-year degree preferred.

Passion for the sport, as well as a thorough knowledge of the sport.

Experienced in writing on deadline.

Able to produce clean, crisp copy.

Team player to work in field, as well as with editors.

Good communicator and well-organized.

Self-starter with a wealth of ideas.

Willing to travel.

Bilingual a plus.

“Due to the volume of applications for each position, MLB.​com will only contact those applications who are selected to be interviewed.​”

Looks like teams, such as the Tigers, are also seeking interns for media relations and marketing, among other areas. Check out the site for these opportunities. And MLB is also advertising internships for its interactive side, where interns would develop audio and video, and organize a digital library. Sounds like some great opportunities.



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2 Responses to “MLB jobs, internships still available”

  1. Patrick Murray Says:

    I am a student at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill, NY majoring in Sports Management. I need an internship for credits. Will work for nothing. Love baseball and have played all through high school and college. I am a hard worker and a fast learner. I know I will be an asset to any job in baseball….it’s my love.


    Patrick Murray

  2. Says:

    “MLB jobs, internships still available ON SPORTS” was in fact
    a wonderful blog post, can’t help but wait to look over even more of ur blog posts.
    Time to waste numerous time on the web haha.
    Regards ,Karina

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