Dallas newspapers to split sports coverage


The economy is hitting newspapers as hard as anyone. Some papers have cut staff, others are drastically reducing coverage. In northern Texas, the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star-Telegraph will soon split their coverage of NBA, NHL, and MLB teams. The Dallas Morning News will provide the Fort Worth Star-Telegram with its coverage of the Mavericks and the Stars. In return, the Star-Telegraph will share its coverage of the Texas Rangers. In football crazy Texas, though, neither team will stop covering the Cowboys.

This may be the beginning of creative changes in sports coverage. These newspapers, though, did not change their prep coverage, a beat that is growing in importance at both large and small newspapers. Independent Web sites lack the resources to cover the beat as strongly as local sports departments (so far).

We’ll see how other newspapers deal with diminishing print advertising revenue and fewer readers of their print publications. (Although online readership has grown.) Local sports coverage is one area where newspapers can develop a monopoly. When newspapers start sharing prep sports coverage, start to really worry.



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2 Responses to “Dallas newspapers to split sports coverage”

  1. Tomás Says:

    What do you mean websites don’t have the resources to have a strong beat? Could you elaborate a bit more on that? I love your blog btw. It always gives me a kick in the ass.

    • jgisondi Says:

      I meant the smaller Websites run by a few people. There are exceptions, obviously. News organizations still have the largest staffs and best resources

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