CBSsportsline should delete the sexy ads



So I’m sitting here in my office grading papers – but trying also to keep tabs on the New York Giants, who are playing the Philadelphia Eagles. A win clinches the NFC East for the Football Giants. First, I go to, whose play by play does not automatically generate. Since I do not want to keep hitting refresh, I head to cbssportsline, where I am greeted with an ad of a woman trying to pose seductively – head back on a pillow, hair mussed just enough to say she’s been busy, a green skirt just long enough to cover the upper thighs, full lips parted (and wanting to say ‘come, hither’), and brown eyes imploring me to click on the icon.

Okay, I get it – advertising sells free access to news such as this. But ads usually then head off the screen or rotate to others. Not this one. Instead, the brunette vixen continues to implore me to ‘peek at private photos’ even though I really want to know why the Giants tried an end-around on second-and-five (which put them out of field-goal range) and whether the injury to Shaun O’Hara has hindered a running game generating eight net yards so far.

I’m also wondering – have the cookies on my computer indicated I’m the type of guy to seek private photos of a seductive lass like the one above? Or is this ad generated randomly? What if I were a female fan? Not sure my wife would appreciate this ad. Perhaps, instead, women get pics of shirtless male hunks. (Yikes. I may have to check my teenage daughter’s iBook.)

So, here I am still following the game – Damn, Philly just kicked a field goal – and wondering why sex has to follow sports everywhere.


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One Response to “CBSsportsline should delete the sexy ads”

  1. Kyle Says:

    “and wondering why sex has to follow sports everywhere”

    Because the primary consumers of both has an incredibly high overlap, for better or for worse.

    Judging from how well you write the seductive-descriptive prose, perhaps you missed a calling?

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