Sports writers sound off on BCS


The Oklahoma Daily embraced the latest shift in the BCS polls. Oklahoma’s college newspaper blasted the news that the Sooners had leaped over the Longhorns in a huge headline. The lead story clearly shows the newspaper has no problem with the BCS outcome.

After a month of calamity in the BCS, the computers shined OU’s way and have landed the Sooners at No. 2 in the nation and in their third straight Big 12 Championship game.

I’m not so sure the calamity has ended, though. Only a true playoff system could halt the problems associated with pollsters and computer rankings.

By and large, college sports writers offered very little commentary on the BCS rankings. Instead, most college newspapers focused more on the news.

The Daily Texan explains how Missouri’s loss to Kansas hurt the Longhorns’ chances in today’s editions.

The Daily Toreador did not spend much time lamenting Texas Tech’s plight. Instead, the newspaper tucked the BCS news into a story about the Red Raiders’ tight victory over Baylor.

The Arbiter says Boise State’s 61-10 rout of Fresno State to end a perfect season was bittersweet thanks to a snub in the BCS standings.

The Daily Utah Chronicle turned its focus to basketball, not football. Not a word about the BCS standings in today’s edition.

Apparently, ESPN’s Chris Fowler finally decided to put Ball State in the Top 25 after the Cardinals beat Western Michigan to finish 12-0, says the Ball State Daily.,. As a result of voters, Ball State finished No. 12 in the latest poll.

Here’s what some other sports writers are saying about the BCS.

Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star says Texas got the shaft. He writes: “There’s nothing left to debate. It doesn’t matter that Oklahoma’s nonconference victories are more impressive than Texas’. It doesn’t matter that Oklahoma is playing “better” football at the end of the season.Texas beat Oklahoma.”

So Southern Cal is playing in the Rose Bowl. “Whoop-de-darn-do,” writes Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke. He adds: “They [USC] needed a Fiesta against a high-scoring Big 12 team, some Sugar against a traditional SEC power, anything that could enhance their national presence and propel them into next season’s polls.”

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle writes that the BCS is so flawed that nobody would have been sated. “It’s [the BCS system] just silly. There’s not even anyone to vent to. I’ve screamed at dozens of computers through the years, and they just don’t care. There was this one night at a bar in Landover, Maryland, when the computer actually screamed back.”

Jerome Solomon, also of the Chronicle, believes coaches are trying to manipulate the system in the USA Today poll. “I know a conspiracy when I see one,” he writes. “These two idiotic votes are all about changing the system. “That’s is the only logical reason for any person with knowledge of the sport to vote the Sooners No. 1 in the country. In the polling system we have, Oklahoma doesn’t deserve a No. 1 vote, and those two coaches know it. And don’t even get me started on the clown that voted Florida No. 1. Yeah, Florida, which lost at home to Mississippi, a team unbeaten and top-ranked Alabam beat on the road.”

Writes Eric Sorenson of “We will all soon find out that this is the worst week to be a college football fan. I don’t know if it’s like this for you, but this is the week where all my NFL-based friends laugh hysterically in my face over the fact that a popularity poll is what decides the two teams in the biggest game of the season in my favorite sport.”

Writes Steve Yanda in the Washington Post: “After a week of politicking that — despite his previously stated intentions — did not end even after Oklahoma pulled away for a win over rival Oklahoma State on Saturday night, Sooners Coach Bob Stoops finally can stand down.”

Pete Thamel of the New York Tmes writes: “The smile on Barry Switzer’s face gave it away. The former Oklahoma coach and current Fox analyst led the segment with a Cheshire cat grin.”

Another New York Times story states: “The screams of joy could be heard across the campus at the University of Oklahoma, from dormitory balconies to the white Cadillac Escalade of the Sooners sophomore Gerald McCoy.”

ESPN’s Ivan Maisel blames the Big 12, not the BCS, for this latest championship fiasco.

Before the final BCS standings were announced, the Dallas Morning News’s Tim Cowlishaw weighed in on the process: “After watching the Sooners’ 61-41 victory over the Cowboys in a wild game at Boone Pickens Stadium, I think the Sooners should jump past Texas in the BCS rankings, a development that would put Oklahoma into the Big 12 championship game against Missouri. I also think the Longhorns and their fans are right to think they are getting hosed in this process.”



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