What happened in Edmonton?


7036_nhl_logoApparently, a blogger was kicked out of the Edmonton Oilers’ press box after commenting from a game a few weeks ago. David Berry, a blogger for the site called ‘Covered in Oil,’ says he was approached by an Oilers media relations person midway through a game in which he had been blogging live and told to leave.

James Mirtle, an editor for the Globe & Mail, says bloggers are not respected by Edmonton’s NHL franchise, although he says the Oilers do face a quandary: with so many bloggers, who gets press credentials for the finite number of media seats?

Still, why would Edmonton toss Berry out, especially when he had helped promote the team by blogging? (Isn’t that, essentially, what every sports writer does just by writing about a team?) Bloggers are embraced in most NHL cities. Blogging done right, can be interesting, insightful, and fun to read. Check out some of these other NHL bloggers in Pittsburgh, New York, and Detroit.


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One Response to “What happened in Edmonton?”

  1. Richard Says:

    I’m a journalist in the Houston area, and while I don’t see many bloggers crowding our press boxes, I can see were it could be a problem letting in too many people. Recently, several High School stadiums have limited access to photographers behind the end zone. No longer can we set up behind the goal and catch the diving score shot. Their reason? “Too many people on the field with cameras getting in the way of play.” With parents who some how get permission to be on the field, all the way to bloggers, and “news” websites printing up worthless credentials lying their way onto the field, the side lines have become littered with “press.” If the real press, legit print, and on line outlets were the only ones allowed on the field, like it used to be, there would have been 3 of us there covering the last game I last covered. As it was, there were about 15 people all shooting, and pacing the side lines. Look guys, if you go through the media relations department and they screen you and you are given access to the field, so be it. The problem is, too many people set up a blog site, grab a $500 camera, print out a credential (some are very legitimate looking) and wallah, you’re squatting next to the AP guy shooting your choice of sports. To the blogging community, don’t hide behind our coveted, “freedom of the press” safety net guaranteed by the Constitution. Legitimate press are those outlets with a subscriber base of more than 10. You have right to buy a ticket (which your google adsense ads slathered all over your site will reimburse) and sit down with every other fan and write and shoot your heart out. The problem is, too many of you, trying to fight the system under false pretenses are messing things up for those of us paid to provide a valuable news service to the community and the world. And that’s why you will continue to be sneered and castigated by true members of the press.

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