Boston Globe creates weekly sports tab


300h2The Boston Globe recently started a weekly sports tabloid, which may reveal how daily newspapers are going to adjust to the new media market – by creating niche publications. The sports publication, called the OT for “Our Town/Our Teams,” will include 24 pages of features, columns, and blogger commentaries.

Despite all the elegies, newspapers remain significant, something that was especially clear when newspapers like the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune printed hundreds of thousands of extra copies for readers. Combined, that’s more than a million extra copies for one day. The NY Times printed 225,000 extra copies, the Tribune distributed more than 200,000. The Post printed an extra 350,000 copies, selling the special editions for $1.50 (three times the normal daily rate.) The USA Today printed about 500,000 additional copies.

Of course, historical events like Barack Obama’s election do not happen every day. And newspapers do continue to cut jobs. That has forced newspaper execs to create additonal ‘revenue streams,’ a term that sounds more corporate than journalistic. I’m glad to see newspapers use their expansive resources in this manner. Nobody has more news-gatherers in any community than the local newspaper, people who are trained to check government, to tell us about the school board meeting, to sometimes make us chuckle about incidents around town (and, of course, to cover sports.) Journalism is as important to Americans as the Supreme Court or Senate.

Yeah, yeah, I’m waxing philosophic about a new sports pub. Yes, I know this is not the most important news in the world (or in the media world.) But it does reveal how newspapers are repositioning themselves.



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