Tebow is even scarier this season (and other college sports stories)

The cover for the Kernel's Pigskin Preview

The cover for the Kernel

If you think Tim Tebow surgically cut apart football defenses last season, watch out. Florida’s talented quarterback learned some additional skills while circumcising (!) kids in the Philippines last summer. Think UF’s center will feel a little uncomfortable this season?

The Kentucky Kernel offers a pretty impressive football preview on its website that includes terrific photos, player profiles, capsules of each SEC team, and schedules. Would have liked a more in-depth overview story. The one posted relies too much on a few sources. But, still, the capsules and other features make this a pretty solid package for readers.

The Wisconsin Badger Herald does a nice job reporting on a new trend in Big Ten football, that the spread offense is now run by nine of the 11 conference members. Derek Zetlin interviews not only Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema, but also Illinois coach Ron Zook and Purdue coach Joe Tiller, among others.

Ball State sportswriter Andrew Walker does a nice job scouting opposing teams set to face the Cardinals’ volleyball squad this weekend. The story could have offered more insights had the reporter talked with some opposing coaches, but, still, not a bad analysis piece. … The Daily News Online also posted a slide show on its football season opener last night.

Would have liked additional sources beyond an Arizona’s football coach and player in the Daily Wildcats’ ‘opponent analysis‘ posting. Sportswriters need to speak to as many coaches and players as possible to offer a clearer, deeper, and more accurate report.

The Northern Star covered a simulated football game, using EA Sports 2009. Interesting. For some reason, I could not click into the simulation itself off the website, though.

The (Duke) Chronicle offers a series of stories on its football team that addresses offense, defense and special teams. Not a bad start, but, once again, insufficient reporting hinders such stories.

Love Texas sportswriter’s first (and, apt) name: Austin. He speaks with several players about the team’s volleyball rematch with Southern Cal. But remember: school names get a singular pronoun. Texas needs ‘itself,’ not themselves.


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