Let’s show some restraint


I’m always embarrassed when I read stories like this:

Along with the groundswell of support from his players and opponents alike, attention paid to Torre has seemed suffocating. Newspaper photographers and TV camera people have been a persistent presence on Torre’s front lawn and driveway this week.

“In the postgame Monday, Joe said there’s always a vigil on his front lawn every year and he asked this year if they could respect his privacy,” Jason Zillo, the Yankees’ director of media relations, said.

The media are camped outside yet another person’s home in order to get the ‘big story.’ And that is? Joe Torre, or someone else, walking to their car? The family dog relieving himself on the lawn? Perhaps, these reporters expect to get Torre to reveal secrets to the people pestering him.

Reporters need to be persistent, enterprising and thorough. This is neither. Instead, these ‘journalists’ are being rude, cliche and superficial. If reporters want to know whether Torre has been fired, they can do several things — wait for the press conference or wait for a call from Torre, his agent, or the Yankees management. The work to get this story started many months (and years) ago, when the team’s beat reporters arrived for spring training. The reporters who have diligently covered the team the past several seasons are going to get this story first, not the unimaginative, pesky reporters on Torre’s lawn. (Besides, the municipal market has proven that Torre will return.) Show some restraint and go back to the office. I’m sure this time can be spent doing more thorough reporting than sitting outside someone’s house. Sheesh.


2 Responses to “Let’s show some restraint”

  1. Laura Says:

    I feel embarrassed about that too, to tell you the truth

  2. Kely Says:

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