Here’s an opportunity to report for MLB next summer


Interested in covering a professional baseball team next summer? Then, check out the following information just sent to me by the assistant managing editor for Sportswriters typically have a more challenging time than news reporters when it comes to landing a summer internship, mostly because it is usually a slower time for many sports staffs that focus on high school sports. But don’t disregard a news internship at a newspaper where you can sharpen your reporting and writing skills, something that will make you a much better sports reporter in the long run. As far as internships go, the one at MLB is a pretty good one, one that pays $340-$400 a week. This is the same salary most of our summer interns get as they work at newspapers across Illinois.

Looks like the candidates will also receive valuable experience working with professional journalists while adding equally important clips. This internship also offers multimedia experience, something that will also prove invaluable when you seek a job, so check out the announcement below from MLB. And good luck.

2008 Summer Internships
Want an exciting summer of covering Major League or Minor League Baseball? offers 33 reporting internships to aspiring sportswriters. These internships are designed to give associates the full range of experiences that comes with covering a professional team. Each associate will work closely with a site reporter to give visitors to a team’s Web site all the information they need to follow the team from Opening Day to season’s end. Each Major League city will have one associate, and, which manages the Web site for MiLB, will offer three internships for the Minor Leagues.

Starting Sept. 10, we will be looking for talented college juniors and seniors, as well as graduate students, for our 2008 Summer Internship Program. The application deadline for all internships is Nov. 21. We hope to make our selections by Dec. 21.

Our internship pays $8.50 an hour for undergrads and $10 an hour for those who have graduated or are in graduate school. We expect each intern to spend a minimum of 10 weeks in the program, dates determined by a person’s college schedule. Also, the more flexible an applicant is in terms of which Major League city he or she can work in, the better the person’s chances of being selected.

Applicants should submit a resume, five-to-10 published articles (no columns should be included), a list of references and a 750-word essay on why should pick you? Please use the essay as a way of showing your creativity as a writer; in short, it should be more than a simple cover letter. also will be offering internships for photographers, copy editors/producers and designers.

Associates are responsible for arranging their own housing and transportation.

Please mail all internship applications to:

Bill Hill
Assistant Managing Editor/
Attn: Internship Application
14825 N. 97th Place
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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