All should fight for free speech


The great John Siegenthaler spoke briefly at the Center for Innovation in College Media in Nashville, Tenn. The man who fought for civil rights and continues to battle for freedom of expression said he wishes he could jump more into new media reporting.

“I’m in my 80th year, but I wish I were starting over,” Siegenthaler said. “There’s the chance to do so much with the written word that’s never been done before. I wish to hell I was your age – and not for the reasons you might think.”

Everybody needs to learn more about the Siegenthaler and the continued fight of all journalists (and citizens) for freedom of expression,. You can start by checking out the Freedom Forum and First Amendment Center site and by reading as much as you can on Sieganthaler.

(photo/Brian Poulter)



2 Responses to “All should fight for free speech”

  1. Brian Says:

    Who shot that photo? Who ever it is, he is one heck of a photographer… I mean really, really, really, great work….

    What do you mean I have to give you my name to post a comment? [sigh]


  2. VSCCjournalism Says:

    What an unbelievable photo! That guy should teach photography to young minds so they can create such works of photojournalistic art.
    Yeah, the blog is not bad either.

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